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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Melt Down Or Profits Up?

So what about this "financial crisis?" Who started it, why and what do they gain? As, said and said across the media and by politicians, "plenty of blame to go around," but wait... Executives still jet around and banksters are on lavish paid vacations. So what could be going on in the background?? It is just good old fashioned GREED... I wrote earlier about the oil industry and now here I go with finance. As long as individuals and businesses need money, there will be some others who lay in wait to pad their own pockets. Take your pick as to whom these villains may be. Just add unscrupulous to their name... Sure, business is business and financial "institutions," need to get paid too. I like that word, "institution," don't you, it sounds so rock solid... Guess that is why they chose to use it. Getting paid for services rendered is one thing but as the TV show reporter says, "give me a break." One thing that has gone way wrong is the ability of banks and other money companies to gobble up others. As in the rest of corporate business, when powerful fish eat too many other less powerful fish they get an upset stomach and spit up on everyone around. In other words, their gluttonous greed poisons everyone. I could go on and on about this but I will close for now with just one more thought. My thought is, what do you think about all of this so called financial crisis. Contact me at my contact link or comment below.

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