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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Scan Me Up "Scotty"

Recently I watched a mini-series on PBS television where the fictional theme of the show was England in the not too distant future. In this future was a total police state where everyone was constantly and completely monitored. Citizens would be stopped on the streets and their hand scanned for identification. Instantly the police could know everything about the person being scanned. If that person was not liked for any reason by the government, they were detained and or arrested. Cameras with face recognition software were everywhere, including hidden in homes and businesses. People could not travel anywhere, even in their own city without permission. Well folks, welcome to that future, today... Now there is a fingerprint and palm scanner that is like the one in that "fictional" show. You can see one in the photo above. Very soon a small one, about the size of a cell phone, and wireless will be introduced. Face recognition cameras are being installed everywhere as I write this. Legislation giving birth to the US "National Id Card" with it's smart chip for tracking has been passed. This Id card will be everywhere in about 2010 to 2012.

Here are some professions being scanned already.
Industries and professions who are currently required by law for employment verification and licensing. Some of those professions are:

* Adoptive Parents
* Certified Nurse Assistants
* Coaches
* Daycare Employees
* Driving Instructors
* Foster Parents
* Insurance Industry
* Nurses
* Realtors
* Teachers
* Bail Agents
* Notary
* Ambulance Drivers
* Attorneys
* HAZMAT Carriers
* Indian Gaming
* Lottery Ticket Sales
* Medical Field Technicians
* Pest Control Workers
* Pilots
* Pharmacists
* Psychologists
* Security Guards
* Stock Brokers
* Vehicles- Dealers
* Volunteers working with Children, Elderly or Handicapped

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