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Monday, February 2, 2009

Dumb and Dumber

Dumb and Dumber should be the new name for Washington, DC. Thanks be that DC is not a State because then we would have to take them seriously... When the founders conceived the Territory of Columbia, now known as the District of Columbia, it was intended only to be a central military base for the defense of the union and nothing more. After all, DC is only a ten mile square. So what went wrong??? Given enough time and neglect, most anything can get out of hand. My title and theme of Dumb and Dumber springs both from a reference to the idiots that "govern" from there and to the ignorant public who let them lord over them. The true founders of the union had had their fill of powerful central governments and certainly did not intend to form another one. It was and is people being led down the garden path by those who do not believe in "We The People" that has those founders spinning in their graves. By founders, I do not mean the "classic" ones that are held up and quoted daily. The founders that I speak of were the original ones that sat next to fireplaces in taverns and private homes dreaming and forming ideas for a totally new union. They did this long before the Revolution because even by the time of the war to break with Brittan, certain people were already tampering with the original intent for the union. The U.S. Constitution even set the groundwork for the mess the union is in today. In the case of the Territory of Columbia, it took less than a generation for it to slide right into the ditch, pulling the States with it. Instead of sticking hard to the concept of States rights to govern in a flexible union and leaving DC as non-governmental, just the opposite started to happen. Generation upon generation of citizens have ever since been duped into thinking that the United States of America "needs" a central government. The result, a nightmare and never ending night terrors for the entire planet from a run-a-muck schizophrenic monster. Need I say more???

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